Formal 2015

Hey everyone!

So this will be my last post for my FDOM class. ūüė¶

I’m actually pretty sad about it.

I figured the best way to wrap this up would be to talk about our Fall Formal which was last night, Saturday the 5th.

Let me start by saying, the stress for this event was beyond real.¬† I have been so on edge since I started planning this formal back in October.¬† The reason why I was so stressed was because our past few formals have been pretty bad, to say the least.¬† They have been in apartment club houses, and have been catered by families of current Roses.¬† I’m not complaining though, because no matter what our formals are a way for all of us to gather one last time before the semester ends and see everyone.¬† It lets us say goodbye without getting super sappy.¬† It allows us to catch up with our friends, and enjoy each other.

It’s just all around a great time.¬† We had it at Quail Creek Country Club and had it catered by Fazoli’s this year, and let me tell you, best decision I have ever made.¬† The venue was amazing and beautiful (seriously, check out their pictures on the link I provided) and the food was AMAZING. I mean, who doesn’t want unlimited breadsticks, pasta AND salad?!¬† NOT ME.

On top of all of this, it was my last event of the semester and I put a lot of pressure on myself because I wanted to make this amazing.  All semester, I had been telling people this was my baby and it meant everything to me.  And how embarrassing would it be for the event to flop, right?

I got so many compliments on the event, and it seems like people were genuinely pleased with how it came out.

I won’t have the pictures from the photographer we hired in time for this post, but here are some that I took personally.

They’re not the best quality in the world, but that’s okay!¬† Because pictures are all about the memories, right?

Anyway, I am super happy (obviously) with how this came out, and I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

I have enjoyed this semester tremendously, and I wouldnt have wanted to end it any other way, or with anyone else.

Thanks for reading guys.

-Alex ūüôā


End of the Semester Wrap Up

Hey everyone!

So, this semester is quickly coming to a close.  Where did the time go?  I mean, seriously, where the hell did the semester go?  I feel like last week I was standing in line at the book store to buy books and now I have to go return them!!  Weird.

So in lieu of the semester ending, I want to reflect a little bit.

Blogging was a new thing to me this semester.¬† I never really understood why people do it, but now I do.¬† It’s an outlet, and it’s a way to talk to no one but everyone at the same time.

To promote myself, I used social media and I feel that Twitter was the most effective way to get my blog out there.  I feel like Facebook was the least effective.

I would honestly want to improve my blog many ways, but mainly I would want to focus on getting more views.¬† Not that I really care, but 1 of the 3 viewers I’ve had through this semester told me that my blog gave them something to look forward to and I want other people to feel that way too.¬† I want to be an outlet for someone to forget about their life for a bit and just enjoy reading something.

This experience majorly benefits me for the future because it gives me an outlet to speak my mind and have no repercussions.¬† It’s a very freeing feeling and I would like to keep it up.

Considering I want to go into PR, this will greatly benefit me in the future because social media is a huge part of my career.¬† It’s a <strike>mainly</strike> free way to get your word out there.¬† Of course, you could pay to promote something but either way you need to have a strong social media presence to be successful in my career path I have chosen.

My most popular week was the week of October 16th.  I had 13 visitors and 19 views.  I got excited for this.  It was so cool to know that people cared enough about my posts to come back.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.03.17 PM

Like, how cool is that?!

My most viewed post was my “Learning to Grow” post.¬† It got 17 views!!!!¬† LIKE WHAT?!?!?!?¬† I think this was my most popular because it is the most relatable out of all my posts.¬† We’re all growing and learning new things, and I think reading about other people realizing this is just a nice thing to do.¬† It helps us realize we’re not the only ones sort of just running around the open field of life flailing around running into things and falling.¬† We aren’t alone.

What was surprising to me about the data is that people actually read my posts. (Lol)

If you ever need to read more posts like my Learning to Grow post, here is a link to 10 blogs that could possibly help you!¬† I personally follow #5, “The Art of Non-Conformity”.

If you read this whole thing, thanks for reading through!  You rock.

Have a wonderful day.


-Alex ūüôā


Hey everybody,

Here’s a short post commin atcha.¬† I know y’all usually have to listen to me talk about Roses and why I love it and blah blah blah, so I figured maybe it’s time you heard it from someone besides me!¬† So I interviewed two other Roses and asked them why they love it as much as I do.

I hope you enjoy, I worked hard on it. ūüôā <3<3


What defines us?

Hey guys.

So I realize this is unrelated to my usual topic for this blog, but that seems to be a theme around here so, hey, let’s go with it.

I was talking to my mom this weekend on the phone, and I was extremely stressed. ¬†I had a lot going on this weekend, and sometimes you just need your mom, you know? ¬†Anyway, I was talking to her, listing off the stupid things that were stressing me (tests, homework, studying, my wardrobe, my dog, my LIFE, my friends, etc) when I started bitching complaining about how I “had” to go and do my makeup.

My mom stopped me on the phone, and asked me, “Why do you HAVE to do your makeup? ¬†Are you doing it for yourself, or for others? ¬†Why?”

To these questions, I had no reply. ¬†I was dumbfounded. ¬†My mom had stumped me. ¬†Why¬†did¬†I “have” to put on makeup? ¬†Why did I feel the need to put on makeup to the point that I was willing to put aside my school work that¬†needed to get done, to give myself more time to put my face on?

Before I go any farther, let me just make something clear. ¬†If you think I am a feminist, I am not. ¬†I am not a raging feminist who is about to make you read a novela about how “women have the right to not wear makeup, and not shave their leg hair, and not wear deodorant because we are just pleasing men!”

Trust me, I am the complete opposite of that. ¬†But I do recognize the fact that when I thought about just saying “eff it” and leaving my house to just go to my friends 21st birthday dinner with no makeup on, I experienced pure panic. ¬†I mean,¬†panic in my gut about walking out my front door with a naked face.

(Now, full circle) At this point, I thought about what my mom said. ¬†“Why?”

SO, I decided to do something that TERRIFIES ME. ¬†I went out. ¬†With no makeup on. ¬†NOTHING Y’ALL. ¬†NOT EVEN MY EYEBROWS. ¬†And let me tell you, it. felt.¬†good.

I wanted to show you what I go through every time I want to go out to the square, or 6th, or whatever it is.  And I know you girls out there can relate.

I want this to show you that I am okay with no makeup on, and so should you.

And I also wanted it to show you that ALL of us are equally as pretty with and without makeup.

(Sidenote: I know I’m writing about how we don’t need makeup, but sometimes we do it to make ourselves feel better. ¬†And is¬†okay.¬† So if you want to learn how I did my eyebrowz, check¬†this¬†video out.)

All of this was my way of saying, WE DONT NEED MAKEUP TO FEEL PRETTY LADIES. ¬†And we sure as hell don’t need it to impress anyone. ¬†If you’re feeling down and want to wear a red lip, DO IT. ¬†If you want to put some mascara on, pull that wand out girl. ¬†My point is, DO IT FOR YOURSELF AND NO ONE ELSE.

We ladies need to stick together.  And I hope this post inspires you to go face-naked one day soon.

Trust me, it’s a¬†great¬†feeling.

As always, love ya lots.

-Alex ūüôā

Retreat 2k15

Welcome back everybody!!!

So this weekend we had the most exciting event in the fall semester besides lockdown, which was Roses Retreat.  It was SUCH an amazing weekend filled with laughter, tears, smores and hugs.  I was a little worried about being locked in a cabin overnight in the middle of nowhere with 65 girls but it turned out to be amazing.

Our VP, Kadijah, found this amazing house on the river in New Braunfels on this AMAZING website.  A wonderful lady named Patricia owns the house, and it could fit 100 people comfortably.  With that being said though, there were only 16 beds in the house but we made it work.

We played lots of games, the girls got to get to know each other a little more, and most importantly we made everyone turn their phones in at the beginning into a basket and no one could touch their phone until we left.

I know what you’re thinking, girls must have gone crazy. ¬†But, surprisingly, they didn’t. ¬†They seemed to have enjoyed being disconnected for a day. ¬†It was very nice to not have to worry about posting snapchats, answering texts, updating your twitter etc. ¬†It was refreshing and at this point in the semester, we all¬†really¬†needed it.

I could go on and on about how amazing this weekend was, but I really couldn’t do it justice. ¬†So I’m gonna include some pictures I took and hope they can speak for themselves.

IMG_2786 IMG_2784 IMG_2783 FullSizeRender

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll talk to you guys next time.

-Alex ūüôā

Learning to Grow

As you can tell by the title of this post, we’re about to get (a tad) serious. ¬†I’ve told you before that I am an officer for Roses, which really has it’s ups and downs. ¬†I will say it’s mainly ups but we all saw my¬†Rant¬†blog post a few weeks ago so we also are aware of the downs. (haha)

Today I want to talk to you about something kind of relevant to that blog post. ¬†This past weekend, Roses had an extra event planned that everyone was extremely excited for. ¬†Every semester we offer multiple additional social events that we can do as a group to bond. ¬†One of them this semester was planned for this past weekend on Sunday. ¬†We were going to go to a pumpkin patch called “Barton Hill Farms”. ¬†Unfortunately, due to the flooding we have two weeks ago, the pumpkin patch got flooded out and we had to cancel the event last minute.

BUT, being that I am social chair and it is my job to fix things like this, I found a place in New Braunfels that is an exotic animal and snake farm called Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo.

**Sidenote** I HIGHLY encourage y’all to check this place out because it is SO COOL! ¬†They have snakes, tigers, hyenas and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Okay, I’m sorry I got distracted. ¬†Getting back on track!

The point of this whole post is that we had to cancel the pumpkin patch and replaced it with the zoo. ¬†But¬†no one showed up for the replacement event. ¬†Literally, no one. ¬†It’s not like we changed the time to meet, or the place to meet to carpool. ¬†It was the same day at the same time, we just changed the destination.

And when I tell you I was pissed when¬†3 of¬†39¬†girls that RSVP’d “Yes” to going, that is an understatement. ¬†I was mad for the 3 girls that came because they had planned their whole days around this, I was upset because those 3 girls were new girls and the older members didn’t even have the decency to follow through with their commitments, and I was EXTRA pissed because 4 of the officers that RSVP’s “Yes” didn’t even show up. ¬†So, this made us look like an absolute¬†joke. ¬†

So in my anger and upset-ness, I took it to our Facebook page and really let them have it.  And I mean, I really let them have it.


But by the time I had posted this, I realized that I had jumped the gun.

Although I still agree with what I said, I realize I could have said it better. ¬†I was rash and wasn’t thinking when I went to type this. ¬†This made me realize how rash and quick to judge our generation is. ¬†Things that we write on social media¬†never¬†go away. ¬†Seriously, the internet is just like a huge pit of information that once it’s put up, even if you delete it, it’s still stored¬†somewhere.

I wish that we could all realize this, and take a minute to breathe before we make decisions that possible employers could see when we get older, and could affect our careers.

I know this topic was unrelated to what I usually post, but I promise I’ll get back to posting regular stuff from now on.

Thanks you guys.  Talk to you in my next post!

-Alex ūüôā


Hey guys!

I’m back and I’m here to hopefully spice up your life (in a crafty way). ¬†For a long time, I’ve been following this¬†blog called “A Beautiful Mess”. ¬†It’s a blog written by two girls name Elsie and Emma. ¬†They’re sisters that post lots of DIY’s, tips, women’s lifestyle articles and many more things!

If you ever are in the mood to be crafty, their blog is for you! ¬†I’ve actually taken inspiration from them a few times and attempted to make my own crafts (or craft fails). ¬†Here’s a picture of what I TRIED to do:


This came from me REALLY wanting a door decoration but I had no idea where to begin. ¬†I saw their “Dorm Room Inspa” post and it totally got me thinking! ¬†And this is what I came up with. ūüôā

I really enjoyed making this because I also read an article they posted about happiness. ¬†It’s called, “On Failure, Success and Moving Forward”. ¬†You can read this article¬†here. ¬†Around the time that I decided to attempt this craft, I was going through some things in my life and I really just needed some kind of escape. ¬†This article was my escape. ¬†It is all about how you can turn your failures into success and I really needed to hear a lot of what they said.

I think their blog is unique because even though it has a main focus, it covers SO many different topics. ¬†There’s so much creativity that just bursts from the screen when you visit their site.

I have nothing but great things to say about their blog, and the only way to have you believe me is if you go check them out yourselves. ¬†I promise you won’t regret it!

I hope you enjoyed the read and I’ll be back again next week to get back to my main focus: RUGBY!

-Alex ūüôā


Hey guys!

I’m back with a sort of off-topic-but-also-realted post today.

As I’ve told you guys before, I’m Social Chair for Renegade Roses. ¬†Now, when I ran for this spot I figured it would be easy. ¬†I figured I’d give my two cents, follow the guidelines from last years Social Chair and move along.


I was SO wrong! ¬†SO. WRONG. Y’ALL. ¬†This job is so stressful! ¬†I know I’m supposed to have a topic and an order for these posts, but I really just need to rant today. ¬†And though I only average about 20 views a day (thank you to all of your for sticking with me by the way), I think sometimes it’s fun to read other people’s rants. ¬†Especially when you can maybe relate? ¬†Maybe some of you were PR or Social Chair for an organization in high school, or a sorority/fraternity, or any organization really.

Y’all, it’s HARD! ¬†First of all, getting a board of girls to agree on your ideas is HARD! ¬†Getting your ideas approved through the treasurer? HARD.

I personally¬†love the other officers for this organization. ¬†We all inspire one another to do our best and we can always rely on one another for a bit of extra help when we aren’t feeling up to par. ¬†But sometimes I just wish I had stayed an active in Roses and called it a day.

I think that we are making Roses better than it’s been in years, personally. ¬†We’ve come up with great ideas and we all work together great as a team.

I feel like being Social Chair is really giving me a taste for what my future job(s) will be like.  I love being the inbetween person with Roses and other places to plan events.  I love being able to do that and then report back to the other officers and tell them my ideas.


So even though this started as a rant, this has become quite therapeutic and I realize now that I’m extremely lucky to have the position that I do.

In leu of my stress, I want to remind everyone to slow down and realize how blessed we all are.  This past weekend I really felt the pressure of life.  I mean, REALLY, felt the pressure.  And a friend of mine referred me this article that helped me a lot.

Another thing that truly helps de-stress someone?


Here’s a picture of my dog, Mya, with our new house¬†puppy, Brax.


You’re welcome.

Talk to you guys soon!

-Alex ūüôā

LoCkDoWn 2k15

Hey friends!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday after what I hope was an exciting weekend!

This weekend was a VERY exciting one for me because our Lockdown happened on Saturday.  Lockdown happens every semester in Roses and it is the official way to welcome the new girls and officially initiate them into the organization!

What usually happens is, the officers (that’s me ūüôā ) send out an email to all of the girls in the org including the new girls, and it’s always very cryptic. ¬†We tell them a date and a time and what to wear and that’s it. ¬†Included in this email, however, is a theme. ¬†And all that they know is that for the second part of the day they must dress to interpret that theme the best they can.

This year since I’m an officer, I got to choose my theme. ¬†And if you know me, you’ll realize that this theme could NOT be more “me”. ¬†My theme was: Rap Gods. I basically wanted to this because:

  • The girls could dress comfortably,¬†not¬†slutty sloppy.
  • It was the cheapest theme ever. ¬†All they would have to do is go in their closet and find something¬†duh.

Picking the very obvious rapper choice for me, I went with Riff Raff (I’ve been him every halloween for years)


I was completely blown away with how well these girls stuck to the theme and went ALL OUT! ¬†Seriously, here’s the proof:


Can we take a minute to admire the corn rows on Sara (bottom center)?

I had the most perfect group of the most perfect lil rosies.

The night ended up turning out extremely well, we had an initiation party for all the girls at one of the ruggers house (seriously, god bless him for that) and then all of the officers spent their Sunday cleaning up their house. ¬†But it was all worth it, I got to have my lockdown my freshman year and I loved being on the other side of it helping these girls make their memories to tell future rosies when they’re older.

I figured I would end this blog by leaving you with¬†this. ¬†That is the website I used to try to decide on my theme, and I got a lot of joy out of some of their¬†very¬†creative party theme ideas i.e. “What You Were Wearing When The Police Raided The Brothel” (who thinks of this?!)

As always y’all, thanks for reading!

I’ll talk to you soon. ūüôā



Hey y’all,

So this weekend was a very eventful one for Renegade Roses.  We recently accepted our (amazing) new rose buddies into Roses and I am so thrilled!  Every semester when we get new girls, we have a cute little scavenger hunt through campus.  The point of this is to get the new girls comfortable with each other and get excited to see who their big is!

What they don’t realize though is that while they’re (literally) melting running through campus, the current Roses are busy setting up their posters and gifts they made for their new littles!! ¬†It is such an exciting time and I remember my Big/Little reveal like it was yesterday.

All of this to be said though, I sadly had to go home to Houston for a family emergency and I wasn’t able to attend the fun on Friday night, but I was definitely there in spirit. ¬†I wanted to share with you just how adorable our new Rose-Buddies are and show you this group picture.


This year is probably my favorite semester so far because we got¬†SUCH¬†a good batch of new girls. ¬†They’re all extremely sweet, well rounded, kind and we can all tell this is just going to turn out to be a great semester. ¬†But then again, I think I say that every semester.

We have now come to the end of this post, but I wanted to leave you guys with a little sprinkle of helpful wisdom. ¬†Since our games are starting up, I wanted to share with you¬†this¬†because it is what helped me understand a lot of the basic things I needed to know about rugby. ¬†I’m going to be talking about the games here and there, and this should help you have a better understanding of the game. ¬†If I can read that and walk away with¬†some¬†knowledge, so can you!

As always, thank you for reading.

I wanted to leave you all with one of my favorite quotes in case you’re feeling a little less than par today.

“She believed she could, so she did.” -Unknown

-Alex ūüôā